Event Coverage in the UAE

Living in Dubai, as a photographer, there are so many events it’s hard to resist them. Being paid to attend them… it’s the cherry on the cake! 

Myself and my awesome team in Dubai are amongst the most recognised (in my humble opinion) photographers (and filmmakers) in the UAE. I wouldn’t be surprised that our experience and expertise working as a team rivals even some of the best event photographers in the world. 

The talented individuals I work with are also great friends. I guess after so many years of working together what would you expect. It’s like playing in a band.. we all have our speciality.  Some of us focus on being discrete and invisible… like a sniper..  shooting from the shadows capturing precious moments without anyone noticing. Some of us are much more upfront… coordinating, setting-up shots, approaching victims with the sole purpose of making them look great! But watch out… be nice to your photographer at events, he is momentarily in charge of the way you will look… forever… at that event in time.  if you tip him, he might even send you your photo!!! 

Chivas Regal Highest Whisky Tasting Event in the world

In all the years I’ve been shooting events in Dubai (since 2009), I’ve only ever been tipped once. Top floor of Burj Khalifa covering Pernod Ricards’ record breaking event. Part of their PR exercise was to be the highest whisky tasting to have ever taken place. No better place than Burj Khalifa! Chivas Regal was the lucky whisky with Colin Scott, the master blender at the help of this tasteful and quirky private event. Actually, I’m going to look for the photo now in our archives. In the meantime, if you’ve had the patience to read my diabolical English prose, AND you are looking for a highly professional team to shoot your events. With expertise, great lighting and great attitude.. please don’t hesitate to contact me or my production manager…. www.photosolutions.me. 

By the way, this Indian gentleman tipped me 500 AED - pretty great tip - he must have really liked the experience.


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