The Art of Destination Portraiture: Blending Personal, Business Branding, and Family Legacy

In the world of photography, the name Oliver Doran resonates with a unique blend of artistry and storytelling. While his Jersey Channel Islands studio is a hub of creativity, Oliver’s talent often takes him beyond these shores on commissioned destination portraits. His work is not just about capturing faces; it’s about encapsulating stories, whether they belong to renowned celebrities, businesses, families, or individuals seeking to immortalise their legacy. 

The Essence of Oliver Doran’s Destination Portraiture

Oliver’s approach to destination portraiture transcends traditional photography. It’s an experience that combines the thrill of travel with the intimacy of personal storytelling. His clients are not just subjects before a lens; they are partners in a creative journey. From the initial discovery call to the final presentation, every step is tailored to understand and reflect the unique narratives of those he photographs. 

 Versatility and Expertise

Oliver’s expertise is vast, covering interiors, architecture, lifestyle, and sports photography. His adaptability allows him to capture stunning images in various settings – be it the tranquility of the sea, the ruggedness of snowy landscapes, or the elegance of a studio setup. His proficiency with drones adds an aerial dimension to his work, offering new perspectives and enriching the visual storytelling. 

The Portrait Experience

Working with Oliver and his team is an exercise in meticulous planning and creative freedom. The process begins with a discovery call, where Oliver delves into understanding the needs and visions of his clients. This conversation sets the stage for a bespoke portrait experience, whether for business branding, family portraits, or personal projects. 

 Creating Memories and Art

The post-shoot phase is as crucial as the photography itself. Oliver’s team processes the images and prepares an in-person presentation, allowing clients to relive their moments through a beautifully curated slideshow. The selection process is client-driven, ensuring flexibility in choosing the images that resonate most. Each chosen photograph is expertly retouched, and clients receive both the printed and digital versions.

Legacy and Technology

In an era where technology shapes memories, Oliver leverages AI to enhance the storytelling aspect of his portraits. His passion for video interviews adds depth to the photographic experience, offering a medium for clients to share their stories and insights, creating a lasting legacy for generations.

Oliver Doran’s destination portraiture is more than a service; it’s a journey into the realms of personal branding, business identity, and family heritage. It’s an opportunity to create art that is deeply personal, profoundly professional, and timelessly valuable. For those looking to capture their essence, their brand, or their family’s legacy, Oliver Doran offers an experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional photography, weaving stories into every frame. — 

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Mission Statement

Welcome to the blog of Oliver Doran and the Photo Solutions team. Today, we are excited to share something very close to our hearts - our Mission Statement. This statement is more than just words; it’s the embodiment of our values, aspirations, and the guiding principles that drive every aspect of our work. From capturing life’s fleeting moments to embracing the latest technological advancements, our mission is to provide photography that’s not only visually stunning but also meaningful and accessible to everyone. Read on to discover what makes Oliver Doran Studios not just a photography service, but a team committed to making a difference through the art of photography and beyond.

Capturing Timeless Moments

Our mission is to immortalise life’s most precious moments through the art of photography. We strive to capture the essence of each individual’s story, creating timeless images that resonate with emotion and authenticity.

Inclusive and Accessible Photography 

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of a professional photoshoot. Our flexible pricing strategy is designed to be inclusive, offering various options to accommodate different budgets. We aim to make our services accessible to all, regardless of economic background.

Embracing Technological Innovation 

At the forefront of our mission is the commitment to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of photography. We continuously embrace cutting-edge technology, notably AI, to enhance our creative process and offer unique experiences to our clients.

Cultural Documentation and Archiving

A key aspect of our work is the documentation and preservation of contemporary life and culture. We aim to create a visual archive that captures the essence of today’s society for future generations to reflect upon.

Universal Respect and Equality

We treat every client with the same level of respect and dedication, whether they are celebrities, royals, or everyday individuals. Our studio is a space where everyone is valued equally, and their stories are told with the same level of care and attention.

Beyond Photography - Video and Audio Narratives 

Our services extend beyond still photography. We engage in capturing video and audio interviews, delving into personal branding, self-discovery, and cultural narratives. These interviews are not just about creating content but are aimed at archiving thoughts, experiences, and helping individuals find purpose and meaning in their lives.

Flexible and Client-Centric Approach

Our flexible pricing model is a testament to our commitment to making professional photography a reality for a diverse range of clients. We offer experiences that range from budget-friendly options to luxury packages, ensuring that clients can choose what best suits their needs and financial capabilities.

Community Engagement and Personal Projects

We actively engage in community projects and personal photographic endeavours, sometimes offering these experiences at reduced rates or as complimentary sessions. This approach allows us to give back to the community and ensure that our art is accessible to a broader audience.

Commitment to Charity and Animal Welfare

We are dedicated to supporting charitable causes, particularly those focused on animal welfare and habitat conservation. Our studio frequently donates art for auctions, offers vouchers for charity raffles, and participates in events that contribute to these vital causes. We believe in using our art to make a positive impact and support the well-being of animals and the environment.

Our mission is to create art that is not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful and accessible to all. We are dedicated to capturing the beauty of the human experience in all its diversity, one portrait at a time, while contributing positively to our community and the world at large.

Channel Eye TV Interview

As a photographer, Oliver Doran says it’s important that you work on your artistic journey more so even than your technical journey.

Oliver explained: “In essence, every single person on the planet has become a competition to photographers because everybody has an incredible camera in their pocket, but shooting and printing Polaroids has given this a touch of reality, which I’m really enjoying at the moment, that back to earth, more grounded, the imperfect photograph.  Something which is printed on the spot, I’m quite passionate about that.

Oliver says that one of his biggest and most interesting experiences was having to travel to Bahrain from Dubai with six women to photograph and film a Royal Wedding for the Prince and Princess of Bahrain.

“Because Bahraini weddings are basically all female, or ladies only, I was the only guy that was allowed to go into the wedding.

“When they spotted me, it was really quite bizarre because they’d cover up themselves, they didn’t expect me to be there, so it was like a Mexican wave of ladies covering themselves up as I walked along the aisle.”

Jersey is home for Oliver and he says that his favourite thing in Jersey has got to be that connection with the ocean and boating.

“My family and my brother and my dad have got a little speedboat, which we take wakeboarding sometimes or just swimming and snorkelling. In the gullies at low tide is one of my favourite things.”

Oliver has an enviable reputation outside of Jersey in terms of the celebrities that he has photographed.

“I’ve been quite lucky. For example Robert De Niro, he was a very very interesting person and he suddenly realised that I was photographing him and he wasn’t actually acting anybody.  He is a character actor, so spontaneously being himself was a little bit more tricky for him.

“So, I sat down and I actually said my mission today is not just to take your photo, it’s to actually make you look good as well and get a really charismatic photograph of you.

“Then he asked me ‘Oh, where are you from?’

“I said ‘Well, I’m from Jersey’

“and he said ‘I know Jersey’

“I said ‘you know we’re famous for two things in Jersey. Our Jersey cows, we have the most beautiful cows on the whole planet’

“He kind of chuckled and then I said ‘We’re also famous because we’ve got a really quite big finance industry here’

“and he was like ‘yeah I think I’ve got some money in Jersey.’

“After that it was a lot easier, he was a lot easier to photograph and then he said ‘call me Bob’, which was quite weird.”

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A stage like no other!

A great start to 2020 commissioned to shoot both photo and video for Paramount Hotel. We put together the dream team to create a wonderful campaign centered around the motto “a stage like no other”. See this behind the scenes video which was actually used as the campaign video for Paramount. Very proud of the team - see more photos and videos from the campaign here:

Les Anges French TV Reality Show

I was featured on French telly ! On a show called Les Anges where participants get a helping hand to access the careers that they love. I was the Dubai fashion photographer exploited for my sins at this desert shoot in the middle of the summer. How hot was it !!??!! Yes it was hot. My team who comprised of some of my favourite stylists in the country included Lina Dahlbeck on hair & make-up and Stuart Robertson who chose the wardrobe for the shoot. Cloe my angel, my victim was fabulous as she negotiated the fiery camel and my instructions French to her. We had little time since the sun was setting to make the photos. Out of the shoot, I got some pretty cool and quirky shots and also some beautiful shots she can use in her modelling portfolio. 

Check out the images from the shoot here: and also don’t hesitate to follow my superstar model Cloé Cooper on her instagram account:

When I met Bella Hadid

Myself and my team got commissioned by Christian Dior to document, both with photography and video, Bella Hadid’s Art of Colour exhibition in Dubai Mall followed by private dinners packed with some of the most influential people of the Middle East. Check out my portraits of Bella, who btw, is such a beautiful soul. Natural, real and energetic - she was really easy to hang out with. Thank you Bella!

Event Coverage in the UAE

Living in Dubai, as a photographer, there are so many events it’s hard to resist them. Being paid to attend them… it’s the cherry on the cake! 

Myself and my awesome team in Dubai are amongst the most recognised (in my humble opinion) photographers (and filmmakers) in the UAE. I wouldn’t be surprised that our experience and expertise working as a team rivals even some of the best event photographers in the world. 

The talented individuals I work with are also great friends. I guess after so many years of working together what would you expect. It’s like playing in a band.. we all have our speciality.  Some of us focus on being discrete and invisible… like a sniper..  shooting from the shadows capturing precious moments without anyone noticing. Some of us are much more upfront… coordinating, setting-up shots, approaching victims with the sole purpose of making them look great! But watch out… be nice to your photographer at events, he is momentarily in charge of the way you will look… forever… at that event in time.  if you tip him, he might even send you your photo!!! 

Chivas Regal Highest Whisky Tasting Event in the world

In all the years I’ve been shooting events in Dubai (since 2009), I’ve only ever been tipped once. Top floor of Burj Khalifa covering Pernod Ricards’ record breaking event. Part of their PR exercise was to be the highest whisky tasting to have ever taken place. No better place than Burj Khalifa! Chivas Regal was the lucky whisky with Colin Scott, the master blender at the help of this tasteful and quirky private event. Actually, I’m going to look for the photo now in our archives. In the meantime, if you’ve had the patience to read my diabolical English prose, AND you are looking for a highly professional team to shoot your events. With expertise, great lighting and great attitude.. please don’t hesitate to contact me or my production manager…. 

By the way, this Indian gentleman tipped me 500 AED - pretty great tip - he must have really liked the experience.


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Wedding Documentary & Albums

I personally love to shoot weddings although I do them much less these days. Usually only for family and friends. My team in Dubai however have incredible energy and talent for covering weddings. We work on the basis of quality over quantity. We shoot with the album in mind. We shoot 1000’s of images in a wedding day, but a typical wedding album would contain 100 to 150 images. It is so important to tell the whole story of the wedding day with those images and with style.  It’s important also that your album doesn’t fall apart or fade after a few years. That’s why we use some of the best suppliers in the world to design and hand make our albums. To find out more about our weddings, contact me directly or visit

I’m back in Dubai

Back in Dubai and UAE until 16th December 2019. Looking forward to the season here and looking for collaborations with agencies and brands to create some impactful content. My production team can manage advertising campaigns and special events. If you have a brief, send it to me and we can put together a nice package for you.

A Jersey image-maker with a stellar clientele

Great to have a feature in my home-town, Jersey Channel Islands….. the island of Jersey that is… the one in-between France and England. 

Big thanks to David Edbrooke for the really great wright-up of my lucky celebrity shoots in the last decade. 

Understanding Usage Licenses

Standard Usage License (Dubai One Year)

This standard license is usually based on a photographers standard rates.

One year unlimited exclusive in Dubai for advertising and promotional rights and usage in any and all media for ordered photos, effective date of delivery. Artist retains self-promotion rights forever, as does the agency. Client reserves first option of reuse upon expiration of current rights.

Extended License Agreement (GCC, two years)

This is usually negotiated if you feel that the standard license doesn’t quite fit your usage requirements. This usage agreement can cost a little more than the standard license.

Two years unlimited exclusive regional (GCC; Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE) advertising and promotional rights and usage in any and all media for entire selected orders, effective date of delivery of the digital high resolution photos. Artist retains self-promotion rights forever, as does the agency. Client reserves first option of reuse upon expiration of current rights.

Extended License Agreement (international, two years)

If you need to use the material for international usage. This will cost more than the previous extended license agreement.

Two years unlimited exclusive international advertising and promotional rights and usage in any and all media for entire selected orders, effective date of delivery of the digital high resolution photos. Artist retains self-promotion rights forever, as does the agency. Client reserves first option of reuse upon expiration of current rights.

Extended License Agreement (Unlimited usage)

When you require the images to be part of your image bank for an unlimited period of time. This will, you guessed it, cost more than the previous extended agreement.

Unlimited exclusive global advertising and promotional rights and usage in any and all print for an unlimited time. Includes all material ordered. All images, including outtakes, may not be sold as stock. Artist retains self-promotion rights forever, as does the agency.

Total buyout of copyright

When you want to own the image copyright. This will cost sometimes more than 900% of the original quotation.

Definition of terms


This is the length of time an image or images will be used: one year, two year, one time, etc.. It is best to specify “from date of first use” when negotiating a license for an image. Standard use generally defaults to one year use {from shoot date} in a specific medium unless terms are otherwise negotiated.


This is the number of times within the time period that the image can be used. There are three general options:

  • Limited: A limited number of prints that can be printed for example for 5,000 prints within the time period purchased. This option is rarely applied in UAE. mostly in the US.
  • Unlimited:Can be used an unlimited number of times within the time period licensed. This does not mean that the copyright is yours or your clients, nor does it mean the same as “unlimited time.”.
  • Total Buyout:You have purchased the copyright to the image and have full rights to do whatever you want with the image. You own it, basically. That usually requires a very specific, carefully worded purchase agreement. Expect to pay a lot for this usage. Most photographers don’t sell their copyrights unless the price is more than 5x to 10x the initial cost of the shoot.

In the UAE, agencies and companies often bully young photographers into signing a copyright release or full buyout but this is actually an unethical practiced is banned in many countries like Germany and the US.

More experienced photographers would be less likely to buckle under the pressure as newer, more hungry photographers.


  • Exclusive: The photographer cannot sell the image(s) (and the outtakes, if specified) to anyone else during the time period of the license.
  • Exclusive to Industry: The photographer cannot sell the images to anyone else within the same industry (Liquor, Banking, etc.).
  • Non-Exclusive: The photographer can sell the image(s) to other clients at any time.

Geographic region

This is the area in which the images will be seen.

  • International: Throughout the world (internet is automatically global).
  • Regional: Specific region (GCC, MENA, EUROPE, etc).
  • By Country: Specific countries (UAE, Bahrain, India, etc..)


This category also gives the artist an idea of the degree of exposure. Consumer advertising generally receives more exposure and at a premium cost. Trade is not as expensive, nor as far-reaching in exposure. Editorial is relatively cheap.

  • Consumer:Markets to “people who buy things”; it is purely commercial (sells things) in nature and the artist want a piece of the action because of the high degree of exposure.
  • Trade: Markets to “people who sell things to others”; it is lower down on the food chain, and therefore not as expensive.
  • Editorial:Informational in nature, not commercial. Magazine layouts and textbooks fall into this category.

Usage realm

This category further defines how the images will be used. These categories are then segmented even further by defining specific mediums for each.

  • Advertising: A medium that sells something, like an ad or an outdoor board.
  • Promotional: A medium that promotes something, like a poster for an event like a concert.
  • Public Relations: Similar to Promotional, but more awareness-driven and less commercial.
  • Corporate: Annual reports or internal materials like sales kits.
  • Editorial: Again, informational in nature, not commercial. May accompany an article or be included in a textbook.


Media usage describes where an image will be seen and can be defined as precisely as you choose. As with photography, when negotiating with talent the specific media included will directly affect your price. Broadcast use is seldom needed, but can be purchased if necessary. 

  • Any And All Media:Covers EVERYTHING: all print, OOH, POS, Electronic and Broadcast. “Any” and “All” are somewhat redundant, but it drives home the idea that everything is covered.
  • All Print:Generally, anything printed onto paper that you can hold in your hand: newspaper, magazine, collateral, direct mail. You may expand your negotiations to include POS or OOH by adding it specifically, otherwise they are generally not included under this category. Exceptions may include GO cards or similar limited exposure items.
  • Newspaper:Use this category in conjunction with Geographic Region. Size also plays a role.
  • Magazine:Use this category in conjunction with Market and with specific publications.
  • Collateral:Includes anything in print that “goes along with” the campaign but is of secondary importance. Things like brochures, some mailers and bill stuffers fit under this category.
  • Direct Mail:Pieces that are mailed to people. Quantity of pieces and Geographic Region affects pricing. Where the image is seen also makes a difference, whether it’s on the cover, envelope, etc.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) or POP (Point-of-Purchase):Things that will be seen where the product is sold. Banners, signage, counter cards, displays, in-store posters, table tents, hang tags.
  • Out-of-Home (OOH) or Outdoor:Virtually anything seen outside of your home: outdoor boards, bus sides, trans stops, rail cards, GO cards.
  • Trade Show:Trade show booths or materials used in a trade show. Show attendance and how the image will be used must be discussed.
  • Electronic:Media that is not printed: Internet, C Ds for distribution, Asset Management System, screensaver. Unless rights are specifically purchased, images cannot be resold.
  • Internet:Global internet use. Where it will be seen (home page or inside page)may affect pricing. Sometimes numbers of hits makes a difference also..Miscellaneous: Things like Ad Planners must be negotiated apart from the other media because of the potential for wide-spread, undetermined use.

Body of work

This means all of the images shot for the project, not just the selected image or images. Some photographers will automatically sell you the rights to the entire body of works, but most will sell you the rights to only the selects. You will need to clarify at the beginning of the negotiation because usage will default to the selected images only if not specified. You will also want to include a clause that outtakes may not be sold as stock until the rights on the selects expire.


It is in your best interest to include verbiage in your initial use statement that covers future reuse. Legally, unless otherwise indicated, an artist can sell an image to another client at any time, with an increased risk after the original use expires. Because the exact date of first use may not be known at the time rights are purchased, it follows that the date of expiration may not be exact. With the proper verbiage, you can create a checks-and-balance system to at least have an opportunity to decide if you want to purchase reuse before your client sees it in another ad. I recommend stating that your “client reserves first option of reuse upon expiration of current rights.” If you and your client do not renew your option, then there is a possibility that the image will be purchased by someone else.


You will want to include the right to use images for your agency to use in self-promotion. Those rights are technically not granted past the original usage period without express authorization. Although usually not a problem, it doesn’t hurt to have it stated officially. To get the maximum amount of usage time of an image, include the phrase “from date of first use” or “effective date of first use.” That way, if an image is not used for several months, your usage won’t begin until then. Otherwise, it may be a point of contention a year from the shoot date. This is especially important with talent. If the photographer is coordinating the talent, do not automatically assume that the usage for the talent matches the usage you are contracting with the photographer. You must clarify talent usage at the estimate stage.

Find below a typical usage agreement which is part of the negotiations between the photographer and the client.

Reference: Former Art Buyers and photography consultants Amanda Sosa Stone and Suzanne Sease. Usage terms guide created by Kat Dalager.

Using Format