Meet the team

Oliver Doran - Founder & Photographer 

Oliver Doran, a photographer and driving force behind Photo Solutions, possesses a talent that extends beyond his creativity. 

He has a unique ability to make subjects feel at ease, skillfully using flattering lighting and posing to ensure everyone looks phenomenal. Renowned for his work on high-profile projects, Oliver brings not only expertise but also a genuinely personable demeanor to each shoot.

Central to his approach is his commitment to teamwork; he excels in identifying and collaborating with talented individuals across all aspects of his productions. Oliver's leadership and collaborative spirit make him a trusted and invaluable partner in the world of professional photography and video.

Robert Navarro: Production Manager & Photographer

Robert Navarro aka Arjay, a versatile and gifted photographer, is a central figure at Photo Solutions, primarily focusing on product, interior design, and architecture photography. His portfolio, however, spans across various genres, including event photography and portraiture. Beyond his camera skills, Arjay is a skilled digital technician, often collaborating closely with Oliver Doran on numerous campaigns. His expertise makes him an invaluable asset to any production team.

Currently, Arjay spearheads the Dubai office as the managing director of Photo Solutions, where he plays a pivotal role in assembling talents and orchestrating assignments within the region. Known for his professionalism, Arjay is deeply committed to honesty and integrity in his work. He approaches each project with a straightforward and realistic perspective, ensuring clients have a clear understanding of the feasibility and potential of their briefs. His leadership and candid approach have been instrumental in upholding the high standards and success of Photo Solutions in Dubai.

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