1. Don’t underestimate the power of the viral video format. Broadcasting is dead! Ensure your clients know the value of google ratings, brand recall, their ‘voice of authority’ in the market and the massive exposure possible.
  2. Get the content right. Be creative; think outside of the box. ivermectina e pra verme Think catchy. Think new. Think ‘cultural capital’.
  3. Stage the delivery of your content in increments – build excitement, interest and hype.
  4. Find the ‘alpha’ consumers who will spread the message for you. Consider involving them in the process and the video content.
  5. Offer content that is genuinely useful to the community of consumers and which builds a community around the company.
  6. Ensure clients are sure of the workflow process – the setting up of vimeo and other media channels, establishing guidelines with company creatives and the stages involved in pre–production, production and post-production.
  7. Get a showreel together of one successful viral campaign you’ve filmed; have something concrete to show and impress
  8. Watch and learn. Get familiar with successful campaigns. ivermectin for rabbits ear mites Do your research on the web – this is the fun bit! Read ‘Macciavelli for Marketing.’
  9. Encourage clients to sign up for a series of videos so you can develop their concepts and maximize their campaign and your income!
  10. Be creative. Think outside the box. Be creative. Think outside the box.