Q&A with Filmmaker Emiliano Arganaraz :: “Google is God?”

1) Why social media campaigning?

“People are increasingly moving from TV to Internet. There is a transition going on, moving from crappy TV and broadcast to streamed content. Vimeo and video streaming sites is ranking up, in combination with google being God at this point. There is a platform there for idiots like me to put content there. The platform is there and companies are starting to realize people pay most attention to videos published on the internet. People don’t like adverts they are looking for more funky stuff. They don’t mind to consume advertising on the condition that it is interesting. Guys like Redbull, they are sponsoring extreme events and millions of guys watch those events but they are still interested in watching them. That guy who jumped from out of space, who jumped out of a parachute was sponsored by Redbull…yes that did cost them a ton of money but that was a massively successful campaign.” See redbullstratos.com

RedBull Stratos from AixSponza on Vimeo.

2) What about the technical side of a social campaign?