Artist in Residence: Antoine Roque

Artist in Residence: Antoine Roque

Here is my cousin Antoine. He’s an artist. He’s been spending days and nights creating in my home. The whole villa is a mess but his work is so inspiring I don’t mind. Also he steels my food and does’t always clean up after himself!!!  Below is his profile picture and also a brief description of his style. Have a look at his website

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Antoine Roque works organically and spontaneously. Inspired by the available media at hand, both physical and digital, Antoine allows work to evolve without control, without reason and as an expression of consciousness. He is inspired by the ‘creative accident’ and the process of allowing the universe to ‘unconform’ to expectations as his work evolves. Antoine is an artist in the true sense, a man who lives and breathes expression beyond the confines of institutions and of his own expectation.

Antoine, as a Frenchman from Reims, is inspired by the great artistic movements of Fauvism particularly in his use of ‘strong colour’. His recent work is a series of studies of the human face with an overlay of digital shapes to access and express the individual personality.

He is also involved in the expression of the playground of the urban landscape in his recent series on architectural structures.

He is available for collaborative commissions in Dubai.

Visit or cal +971 4 454 9701



Famous Nat Geo photographer Joe McNally shoots our Ali

Famous Nat Geo photographer Joe McNally shoots our Ali

Our man, Ali Albader was recently selected to be the local assistant of legendary photographer Joe McNally. This was during his visit to Dubai during the fantastic Gulf Photo Plus (GPP) event. Here is a great video about how to shoot in large spaces with some small strobes and gels. موقع حقيقي لربح المال A must read for any photography enthusiast. Original article

Here’s Ali looking like an indie film-maker (which he is soon to become). Great shot by Joe McNally!

© Jo McNally 2014 -
© Jo McNally 2014 –