“11th and 12th September 2010 I was invited to photograph a at the Circuit of Gueux in Champagne region.  The French side of my family is from Reims, Champagne… yes i have champagne in my blood !!… so it was my great honour to participate as photographer for this new event that celebrates vintage cars from as early as the 1930’s”. – Oliver Doran


Gentlemen, start your engines…!

My French cuisine, Julie and her husband Christophe Gervasoni introduced me to some the guests at the Taittinger Champagne tent…. quite a coincidence as i had the opportunity to photograph Vitalie Taittinger in Dubai 5 months later.

Vive la France!

It is very unfortunate however that Christophe was hit by a renegade Porsche that totalled his car and landed him in hospital with broken ribs. Not good.