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We shoot for photography & video campaigns.

We can assist at every level from the production from the original concept to the sourcing of specialist photographers, shooting permits, filmmakers, models, locations stylist and post-production.

Operating in Dubai since 2010, we have built a network of connections and talent from all budgets and specialities. Working with advertising agencies or directly with businesses, we provide a competitive solution in Dubai.

Our in-house production manager is on hand to assist at various levels and we also have access to production assistants for larger campaigns. The production managers can help to find locally based or international talent be it the photographer(s), filmmakers(s), stylists and creative directors. She can also assist in finding locations and arranging for permits.


Our talent scouts are always on the lookout for specialist photographers offering you portfolios for almost any speciality. Our talent scouts are constantly on the lookout and in touch with photographers who are based in Dubai and also international photographers who are able to travel to Dubai to make your campaign truly unique.


Filmmakers and videographers are all so important in todays advertising industry, offering behind-the-scenes, social media videos, editorial and corporate videos. We also have an exclusive network of both local and international filmmakers dependent on your brief.

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Production solutions

Talent sourcing

Finding the right stylists is as important as finding the right photographer. A successful production depends greatly on the ingredients. We have partnered with outstanding advertising stylists who specialise in hair and make-up, fashion, creative direction,  wardrobe and food.

Set-design & build

We have partnered with some of Dubai’s best set-designers. Who have a wealth of experience working on both film and photography campaigns. Once again, it is important to have a good brief and a consultation with the set-designer to know exactly your expectations.

Location scouting

Locations in Dubai are abundant whether you want to shoot in a studio, a villa or outside somewhere. However, each come with their different particularities; we help find the right location for your campaign but note that sometimes this can take time. Don’t leave it to late to find your location because often you will need to acquire the relevant permits to shoot. Some places in Dubai are more expensive than others. Once we have you brief we can start to find the location options and what the relevant costs are for permissions and shooting permits.

Shooting permits

To shoot advertising campaigns anywhere in Dubai, it is important to have a shooting permit. We can arrange your shooting permits which is calculated based on the location of your shoot.

Post-production & retouching

We have an in-house retouching team as well as working with internationally acclaimed retouchers who specialise in advertising, lifestyle or beauty. Don’t skimp on your retoucher, it’s the last ingredient for a world class campaign production.

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