Emiliano has been with the team since its early ventures almost a decade ago. See his profile below:

Filmmaker / Director

Head of film department at Photo Solutions

Born into a videography family, working with his Dad since his early days. Emi has a passion for cinema and videography and is an art aficionado. He has worked in the region since 2007 and has a background in corporate video, events, weddings and music videos. He is well established in the region with a fast growing reputation for ability and talent.

Emi loves to shoot fashion videos in which is starting to acquire a strong portfolio. He shot for Vogue Arabia in December 2016 and has since been accepting jobs from various designers. Amato Haute Couture and Toby by Hatem are some oh his clients. He often works with Oliver who helps as DOP.

Emiliano’s interests don’t stop at fashion films but also he shoots corporate videos and more recently he’s indulged in some music videos.

Since Emi is the head of Photo Solutions, he shoots a lot of events and weddings for prestigious brands and celebrity folk.


1 minute events showreel featuring several events covered by Photo Solutions in Dubai and abroard. from PhotoSolutions.me on Vimeo.

Cartier Royal from PhotoSolutions.me on Vimeo.

Fashion & Lifestyle

Fashion Showreel from PhotoSolutions.me on Vimeo.

Vivid Flair from PhotoSolutions.me on Vimeo.

Level Kids BTS – Welcome to Our World of Wonders from PhotoSolutions.me on Vimeo.