Keith Dallison: Voice Over Artist

Keith Dallison: Voice Over Artist

Selecting the right voiceover for your Video project or Radio commercial can always be daunting… Finding a voiceover that stands out, is different and lends the right emotion to convey your story is something we can help you with. Here is one voiceover that can bring you video project to life. Whether it’s for a corporate communication or a call to action, a documentary or educational explainer, a good voiceover will bring your images to life and give them the ability to deliver the experience you wish.

Keith Dallison has recorded voiceovers in English for documentaries, radio commercials, and multiple video projects including character animated feature length movies. From English RP and regional dialects… He can record either remotely and deliver within 24hours.

Understanding our Standard License Agreement?

Understanding our Standard License Agreement?

All images released by the Agency are licensed on a Standard Licence Agreement between the Licensee (the client) and the Agency, Zia Advertising Agency LLC (,,

Here is the agreement below.

  • Licensee can use the image(s) in virtually any kind of promotional material: web-sites, advertising, packaging, personal projects, CD or DVD packaging, film and video presentations, multimedia presentations, commercials, books, etc.
  • This usage will be limited to the duration of one year and limited to United Arab Emirates.
  • This license is not transferrable to a third party.
  • The licensee agrees to credit the Artist and the Agency in a reasonable manner whenever the work is printed or displayed in editorial context such as all social media platforms.  The licensee will provide a link to the Agencies website or selected social media profile. e.g. for instagram: Photography by Joe Blogs | This is not applicable for non PR campaigns such as billboards, advertising in magazines.
  • The licensee agrees that he cannot superficially modify the image, put it on a t-shirt, mug, poster, template or other item, and sell it to others for consumption, reproduction or re-sale. This requires an extended license.
  • The Agency shall own the copyright for all images and videos shot by the Artists commissioned by Licensor.
  • The Agency has the right to make reproductions for the Agency’s portfolio, studio samples, self promotions, entry in contests or exhibitions, instructional purposes, editorial use, or within or on the outside of Agency’s studio. Any such use will be judicious and consistent with the highest standards of taste and judgment. Furthermore, any use of the images will be inline with local cultural sensitivities.
  • This agreement is effective as of this date of delivery of the images.

If the above does not let you use the images in a way that you would like. Please ask for a tailored License Agreement.


We’ve launched a sister site curating the best photographers in Dubai

We’ve launched a sister site curating the best photographers in Dubai

Who said it was hard to find great talent in Dubai? veridex 6 mg

Launched in 2018 we started a new business dedicated as a tool to easily find photographers in Dubai.

It is basically a curated hub of professional photographers, filmmakers and production specialists. zimecterin gold vs ivermectin Focused on helping advertising agencies, production managers, marketing managers and individuals find the right craftsmen for the job.

Managed by us, Photographers-Online brings together experienced photographers, filmmakers, videographers and production specialists together on a single platform in Dubai. buy quanox

Like any profession, after a certain number of years, a photographer or videographer automatically gravitates to shooting a certain genre. It could be a wedding or architecture or fashion. Our team of renowned talent scouts curate an ever-growing pool of specialists to fit every requirement and budget. Be it local or international, local, lifestyle or niche, every project is backed by a powerhouse of talent that understands the market intimately, across fields and formats and at a variety of scales. Photography-Online truly encompasses the collaboration of creativity, heritage and diversity.

Unpublished Exhibition by Oliver Marshall Doran

Unpublished Exhibition by Oliver Marshall Doran

Here are a selection of images from the recent photography exhibition by Oliver Doran, The Exhibition was held at Cocktail Kitchen a long time client of Photo Solutions. 1xbet شرح موقع

Say hello to Emiliano a Director & Videographer in Dubai

Say hello to Emiliano a Director & Videographer in Dubai

Emiliano has been with the team since its early ventures almost a decade ago. See his profile below:

Filmmaker / Director

Head of film department at Photo Solutions

Born into a videography family, working with his Dad since his early days. Emi has a passion for cinema and videography and is an art aficionado. He has worked in the region since 2007 and has a background in corporate video, events, weddings and music videos. He is well established in the region with a fast growing reputation for ability and talent.

Emi loves to shoot fashion videos in which is starting to acquire a strong portfolio. He shot for Vogue Arabia in December 2016 and has since been accepting jobs from various designers. Amato Haute Couture and Toby by Hatem are some oh his clients. He often works with Oliver who helps as DOP.

Emiliano’s interests don’t stop at fashion films but also he shoots corporate videos and more recently he’s indulged in some music videos.

Since Emi is the head of Photo Solutions, he shoots a lot of events and weddings for prestigious brands and celebrity folk.


1 minute events showreel featuring several events covered by Photo Solutions in Dubai and abroard. from on Vimeo.

Cartier Royal from on Vimeo.

Fashion & Lifestyle

Fashion Showreel from on Vimeo.

Vivid Flair from on Vimeo.

Level Kids BTS – Welcome to Our World of Wonders from on Vimeo.


Robert Navarro, specialist architectural & product photographer.

Robert Navarro, specialist architectural & product photographer.

Robert shoots architectural exteriors, interior, still-life, product, watches and jewellery.  Robert also excels in shooting event set-ups.

Robert also works regularly as a digital technician and lighting consultant on advertising productions. drop on ivermectin dosage for dogs Robert was born in the Philippines and bred in the UAE. ivermectina mifarma He is wise beyond his years and has a strong eye for symmetry and detail. does ivermectin kill tapeworms in dogs?

Architectural Portfolio

Meet award winning portrait photographer Ian

Meet award winning portrait photographer Ian


Family, Portrait & Event Photographer

Having worked in Pink Pepper Studio for over 8 years, Ian is an expert at handling the family situation. He shoots family portraits, new-born, pregnancies and kids parties.

Ian is also a very talented wedding photographer and corporate event photographer. I mean… once you learn how to photograph babies, kids and mums… you can shoot anything!!!

Ian was decorated with three prestigious awards at (SWPP’s) annual photography awards summit in the UK.

He received gold awards for the year 2011-2012 across the categories of Portraiture Traditional Photographer of the Year, Family and Groups Photographer of the year and Overall Photographer of the Year!

He has great experience working in and out of the studio. His work is solid as a rock. A fantastic photographer who believes the connection with his subject is paramount to a great image.

Family portfolio

Events portfolio

Anne… a German photographer visiting Dubai

Anne… a German photographer visiting Dubai

Anne is a senior photographer and filmmaker is a great friend of our. She is often in Dubai shooting exclusive events in our team. She is very professional and can adapt to any environment. She has experience working in teams both excelling in Photography and Filmmaking both in events and weddings. طريقة المراهنات في كرة القدم We recommend Anne for any wedding or event for consistent beautiful imagry.

Anne shoots luxury events, corporate events, documentary photography, documentary film. لعبة كريكت Anne is also an avid wedding and portrait photographer.. لعبة قمار اون لاين She shoots fashion and family too.

TVC for Ford Edge 2016

TVC for Ford Edge 2016

Ford required a 30 second television commercial and also smaller social media videos. This production was for the new Ford Edge and has just been released. We were so chuffed to be part of it. It was shot in the mid summer of Dubai (ouch!). The production took four very long days and nights in the 45 degrees of Dubai’s summer (check out Oliver’s Instagram Video112views8comments), not to mention the extremely tight turnaround required from concept to TV. The producers really had to pull all the stops to get this job done in time. The project was Produced by Independant Productions, a local Dubai Film production company and we were very happy to shoot their BTS video (Behind-the-scenes) which can be found in our recent portfolio soon, inshallah. The advertising agency responsible for Artistic Direction was Y&R. A lot of creative minds on set!

The Television Commercial itself

The Social Media Videos

The behind the scenes of Lenovo video campaign

The behind the scenes of Lenovo video campaign

Great ways to use video in your social media campaign. Our latest collaboration with Ogilvy ( and Electric Lime Productions (, we were involved on-set shooting the BTS and Stills for Lenovo’s Social Media Advertising. Emiliano Arganaraz shot the behind-the-scenes video and Oliver Doran shot the stills used on Bill Boards and also Social Media. To view the stills go here

Produced by Electric Lime Productions

Artist in Residence: Antoine Roque

Artist in Residence: Antoine Roque

Here is my cousin Antoine. He’s an artist. He’s been spending days and nights creating in my home. The whole villa is a mess but his work is so inspiring I don’t mind. Also he steels my food and does’t always clean up after himself!!!  Below is his profile picture and also a brief description of his style. Have a look at his website

Screenshot 2015-05-07 10.12.13

Antoine Roque works organically and spontaneously. Inspired by the available media at hand, both physical and digital, Antoine allows work to evolve without control, without reason and as an expression of consciousness. He is inspired by the ‘creative accident’ and the process of allowing the universe to ‘unconform’ to expectations as his work evolves. Antoine is an artist in the true sense, a man who lives and breathes expression beyond the confines of institutions and of his own expectation.

Antoine, as a Frenchman from Reims, is inspired by the great artistic movements of Fauvism particularly in his use of ‘strong colour’. His recent work is a series of studies of the human face with an overlay of digital shapes to access and express the individual personality.

He is also involved in the expression of the playground of the urban landscape in his recent series on architectural structures.

He is available for collaborative commissions in Dubai.

Visit or cal +971 4 454 9701



Famous Nat Geo photographer Joe McNally shoots our Ali

Famous Nat Geo photographer Joe McNally shoots our Ali

Our man, Ali Albader was recently selected to be the local assistant of legendary photographer Joe McNally. This was during his visit to Dubai during the fantastic Gulf Photo Plus (GPP) event. Here is a great video about how to shoot in large spaces with some small strobes and gels. موقع حقيقي لربح المال A must read for any photography enthusiast. Original article

Here’s Ali looking like an indie film-maker (which he is soon to become). Great shot by Joe McNally!

© Jo McNally 2014 -
© Jo McNally 2014 –

Our team flies to Muscat for Ferrari Showroom Opening

Our team flies to Muscat for Ferrari Showroom Opening

The PS team head to Muscat, Oman for this project where we covered the Ferrari Showroom Grand Opening. Emiliano and Reinhard both shot this event on Canon DSLR and we also used a 6 meter crane to shoot the ariel shots.

Ferrari Showroom Grand Opening from on Vimeo.

Alfardan Motors, the official importer of Ferrari in Oman, has opened the doors to a brand-new, modern 428 square metre Ferrari showroom in Muscat under the auspices of His Highness Sayyid Taimor bin Asaad al Said at an exclusive gala event for customers and VIP guests.

Top 10 photosolutions tips for viral filmmakers

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of the viral video format. Broadcasting is dead! Ensure your clients know the value of google ratings, brand recall, their ‘voice of authority’ in the market and the massive exposure possible.
  2. Get the content right. Be creative; think outside of the box. ivermectina e pra verme Think catchy. Think new. Think ‘cultural capital’.
  3. Stage the delivery of your content in increments – build excitement, interest and hype.
  4. Find the ‘alpha’ consumers who will spread the message for you. Consider involving them in the process and the video content.
  5. Offer content that is genuinely useful to the community of consumers and which builds a community around the company.
  6. Ensure clients are sure of the workflow process – the setting up of vimeo and other media channels, establishing guidelines with company creatives and the stages involved in pre–production, production and post-production.
  7. Get a showreel together of one successful viral campaign you’ve filmed; have something concrete to show and impress
  8. Watch and learn. Get familiar with successful campaigns. ivermectin for rabbits ear mites Do your research on the web – this is the fun bit! Read ‘Macciavelli for Marketing.’
  9. Encourage clients to sign up for a series of videos so you can develop their concepts and maximize their campaign and your income!
  10. Be creative. Think outside the box. Be creative. Think outside the box.
Local photographer spotlight – Yohann K

Local photographer spotlight – Yohann K

We wonder why black and white pictures capture soul. I think it’s cause without color, we aren’t drawn to the makup, or the color of our eyes, or how tan our skin is. black and white captures the innocence on one’s face and the hurt they’ve gone through to feel vulnerable. The glow we see comes from inside, brightening our eyes, our skin, and our smile.

Dubai has come a long way and certainly grown up (quite literally) since the 60’s when Bastakiya was the city.  Yohann takes us back to the roots of Dubai and documents working life on the Creek’s old but still pulsating heart, in a series of these 6 images

The images suggest much more than a fragment of time but are more of a record of a slower moving stage in Dubai’s history.  Yohann’s collection is gritty, raw and grounded whilst still keeping emotion at the foreground. get ivermectin   The collection provides direct access to working life in Dubai, capturing those who really underpin the infrastructure. ivermectin for covid long hauler

The Abra
The Abra

Catching up
Catching up

Afternoon Tea Break
Afternoon Tea Break

Old Friends
Old Friends

Watching the blaze in awe
Watching the blaze in awe

A Lighter Moment
A Lighter Moment

Text by Jo Arganaraz

Q&A with Filmmaker Emiliano Arganaraz :: “Google is God?”

1) Why social media campaigning?

“People are increasingly moving from TV to Internet. There is a transition going on, moving from crappy TV and broadcast to streamed content. Vimeo and video streaming sites is ranking up, in combination with google being God at this point. There is a platform there for idiots like me to put content there. The platform is there and companies are starting to realize people pay most attention to videos published on the internet. People don’t like adverts they are looking for more funky stuff. They don’t mind to consume advertising on the condition that it is interesting. Guys like Redbull, they are sponsoring extreme events and millions of guys watch those events but they are still interested in watching them. That guy who jumped from out of space, who jumped out of a parachute was sponsored by Redbull…yes that did cost them a ton of money but that was a massively successful campaign.” See

RedBull Stratos from AixSponza on Vimeo.

2) What about the technical side of a social campaign?


See the unbelievable work of Royal Wedding Designer

We are very proud of this coming to fruition after one year of photographing and filming Ali Bakhtiars’s spectacular designs. Working with Ali Bakhtiar and his team has been a great experience for us and we hope to work on more of their majestic weddings and events in 2013.

Visit for more information.


03_20120420_DWG3194 (cover)


01_DWG5756_fin (cover)

If your looking for professional wedding planning and design of your up-coming wedding. Visit

Emirates Winter Time-Lapse

Please watch in FULLSCREEN HD with a proper headphone or good speaker!

A time-lapse journey through United Arab Emirates. By Lewis de Mesa

A project that started in January 2011 and completed shooting on May 2011. My goal was simply to explore and look for interesting unique sceneries around the UAE, and capture it’s beauty with time-lapse photography. Winter season plays a big part of my journey, as it’s the best time to chase visible fluffy clouds with a true blue sky that only exist to the human eye at this time of the year.

I took around 300,000 images and traveled some 4000kms going around the cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. I ended up going more than once on few locations which mostly I searched the coordinates online. There’s some tiny little setbacks like wrong coordinates, clouds disappearance, being turned down to take photos (after a 2 hour drive), miscalculated driving time, sets of glowing eyes in the mountain, some wild animal noise in the dark (well it’s not really a hindrance, but it is abit alarming) and few unnecessary technical issues, which is typically part of trying out and learning something new 🙂

The whole trip was very exhausting and time consuming, but it’s all worth it in the end. I’ve seen so many beautiful places here in the UAE, plus I enjoyed all the long drives as well as being close to nature and far away from city for awhile. I’m hoping to find more time and discover new places and capture it again on video 🙂

A big thanks to Ryan Scully, a music composer based in New York for taking the time producing the original score.

For more info & map locations:
Follow Facebook:

An article we found dedicated to fellow photographers in Dubai

An article we found dedicated to fellow photographers in Dubai


Dubai Photographers in Association

Dubai Photographers in Association Facebook Page

If you work as a professional photographer in Dubai, then you are probably aware that the local photography market sometimes appears to be incoherent, unregulated and random. Some blame it on a huge influx of inexperienced photographers joining the ranks, others blame it on this or that individual or group undercutting prices, some blame it on clients refusing to adhere to international norms for conducting business … be it as it may, the potential reasons are many, but none of them unilaterally adequate to explain the current state of affairs.


Yes, it is true that the economic climate, which started a few years ago across the globe, has had an effect of bringing in a lot of newcomers to the profession. The improved accessibility to semi-professional and professional digital equipment has had a similar effect and has further contributed to the influx. But so what? Are the newbies to blame?

And yes, there are people who charge less and there are people who charge more. This is natural; we all have different expenses, overheads, needs, desires, creative talents and we value our time in different ways.

However, the question is not so much about how much we charge, because this is bound to vary, but what we price for. So,

Do we charge for the same things and are we charging everything we ought to be charging for?

I know some people charge AED 2,000 for a day-long photo shoot, but then spend sleepless hours the following week editing. As an estimate, this works out to be AED 400/day. To put this into perspective, a stylist in the UAE will charge anything between AED 1,500 to AED 2,000 for each billable day, which also applies to their preparation time (shopping). So, for a day out shopping and a day on a set, they’d pick up around AED 4,000. In the meantime, the “AED 2000/day photographer” is working at an actual low rate of AED 400/day and is spending a whole week without doing any marketing, sorting out bills, getting new work, etc.

But it’s not always about the money. Sometimes, low paid work benefits us in other ways. Perhaps it’s a job that you really like and is giving you personal satisfaction, or perhaps it is of great promotional value. The reasons may be many. However, more often than not, the job simply hasn’t been priced right.

In the above example, the time factor appears to have been underestimated. But, as we know,

time is not the only “tool” for estimating a fee.

So, what does come into our fee?

OK. We have all thought about how much on average we need to earn per month to be able to keep ourselves afloat, to pay our rent and bills, to service our gear or to purchase a new kit or a piece of software, or how much extra on top we would need to keep us in good spirit. The figures are bound to vary from individual to individual. One of the things I find often gets left out here in the region is:

Usage rights and licence fees.

If you haven’t been asked to work as a ‘work for hire’ photographer, then you should be charging for these, especially for commercial photography or advertising. And these can sometimes pay for most your bills, depending on how and what for will the final images will be used. As an example, usage fee for an image published on the cover of a commercial magazine will cost much more than an image for a full-page editorial.

A friend of mine who works as a photographer in Dubai once told me that, before submitting an estimate, he checks how much a client would pay if they were to buy a similar image, for an equivalent usage, from one of many stock photography sites, e.g. Getty Images or Shutter Stock.

An interesting idea, and perhaps, if you haven’t done so yourself already, maybe you should do so. It is likely to give you a different perspective on things. But also remember that clients purchase such images from the comfort of their offices. You, on the other hand, to capture a similar image, would need to pack all your gear, which you have no doubt paid for dearly but which worryingly depreciates more and more with each passing day, you’d need to get it to the set, set it up and use your time, talent and skill to shoot the photo. Once all that’s done, you’d need to dismantle and pack everything back whence it all came from and, in a frenzy, as you’re leaving the set hoping that you haven’t left your new 5D Mark Whatever behind, you’d run back to your screen to edit your photographs, wondering how Photoshop doesn’t quite work on the black bags you’ve developed in the process and pondering whether you should be adding milk to your Red Bull because, these days, even the full sugar version had started to taste a bit like the tea. Ok, perhaps I am being a bit too dramatic here. Nonetheless, I’m sure you see the point quite clearly.

A word of caution though, once you start charging for licence fees, you are likely to start competing against those who unknowingly or deliberately undercut prices by not including usage into their fee structure. Although this might get them the job, it puts them in a category of photographers who scramble for daily crumbs rather than looking at the bigger picture. This sounds a bit worrying, especially if you are at the beginning of your career and are still trying to establish yourself as a photographer.

But consider this:

If you have charged for usage fees and have an appropriate licence in place, you can ask and will have to be paid every time your photograph or image gets republished/reused. You will have also made your clients value your work more, you will have acted professionally and you will have contributed to bettering of your local photography market. I suppose, it’s really up to you, your beliefs and your attitude toward your work and work of others.

Ok, so, you get paid for re-usage, your clients see you as a professional who knows ins and outs of their business, but how does this work in terms of numbers? Well, the math seems simple enough, if you just spend a moment thinking about it – and let me turn this into an example rather than just waffling about it.

Let’s say that now, with your current fee structure (licence fees excluded) you charge 100 Whatevers per assignment and let’s say you have 10 of those assignments per month. Effectively, this earns you 1000 Whatevers per month. Now, let’s say that as a result of including usage/licence fees in your quote, or for whatever other reason, your total fee doubles to 200 Whatevers. This means that you can now allow yourself to lose half of your low-paying clients and still maintain the same level of income. What you will have gained however is:

  • More time to dedicate to your remaining clients, thus being able to offer them a better quality work (and apart from making your remaining clients happier, better quality work also looks great in your portfolio)
  • More time to market yourself
  • More time to develop your techniques and improve yourself
  • More time to network, etc.

Of course, the above is just a simple model and other factors may need to come into it. It seem the basic principles are quite straightforward – but:

What about the pushy clients?

Yes, I know some clients are pushy and make us feel like we need to oblige and outright conform to their demands so that we stand a chance of winning a commission upon which our daily livelihoods depend. And, of course, there are clients that will make you drop the price, but then demand that the scope be increased. But are they wrong? Is it not normal that clients would want to pay the least amount possible for the best service they can get, or that service providers or retailers would want to maximise their income? The clients only demand that which they are used to, that which suits them or that which they perceive to be the norm, regardless of whether those ‘perceived’ norms fall short of professional norms that have existed outside these borders long before the creation of new and modern cities such as Dubai.

Be it as it may, beware this: if you’re perceived as a low-cost, low-budget photographer, you will win some of those jobs, which is great if that keeps you happy. However, if your clients ever get a high profile high paying job, it is very likely that they will employ someone more expensive than you. Weird, I know, but it seems to work that way.

In general, as we have been finding out more and more, and which also became evident from some of the surveys we have been getting back from you (by the way, thank you for those), the following is evident:

  • We’re not familiar with usage rights
  • We’re not aware of the existence of regional copyright laws

And by saying “we”, I mean some of the photographers within the region.

Consequently, as it appears, the clients, to their advantage, tend to treat Middle Eastern photographers differently. Not long ago, I was told by an art buyer from a major advertising agency in the UAE, how they pay usage rights to international photographers but not those from the UAE because, apparently, the local photographers do not charge license fees? Shock and horror! Although it was at first strange that such a huge advertising agency would be bending such fundamental rules, the shock didn’t last too long. Unfortunately, from the conversations I had with some fellow photographers in Dubai, I already knew that this might be the case. Fellow photographers, not all of whom found it strange to hand over their photo CDs to their clients, forgetting about everything else; having no concern as to what end will their photographs be used, how big will they appear in print or whether they’d be on billboards, for how long, which country will they be published in, how many times… As mentioned before, our local photography market appears to be somewhat random, which is both alarming and scary – but we’re trying to do something about it and, with your help, we’ll get there.

But why are some regional clients reluctant to pay for usage and why do they think that, if they have paid us, they also own the photos and images we produce?

It’s true, many photographers, and clients alike, are trapped into believing that if a client pays for models, wardrobe stylists, hair and makeup artists and the like, that they own the copyright and that all captured images should be handed over at no extra cost, for clients’ use whenever, however, wherever and for all eternity.

I must admit, at a first glance this appears to be ok. But fortunately for photographers that’s just not the case – so, please, don’t fall into this trap.

The fact that a client pays for all these other things has got nothing to do with you. You have taken a photograph, and so the photograph is yours – and the copyright protects you in this respect. In the UAE, the Copyright Law has been in place since 1994, and, fortunately for us here, we don’t have to register our work to have our images protected; UAE’s obligations under the TRIPS agreement which encompasses the provisions of the Berne Convention, provide that protection be granted without any need for formal registration.

If your contract with the client is not a ‘work for hire’ agreement, it really doesn’t matter whether the client has paid you for your time or whom else they have paid. As long as you have not explicitly transferred the copyright into their name, the images are yours and they should pay for their use.


Perhaps it would be bold to conclude that, as it appears, those entering the field have either not carried out an appropriate amount of research as to how photography business is normally conducted, or, they are in the know but are unable or unwilling to adhere to the rules for the sake of short term benefits.

If we’re all going to be working alongside each other, in this or whatever other market, a part of our job should be to secure and ensure the health of the industries we belong to. So, as far as the photography is concerned, we should embrace those who have come to the profession but we should make all the possible effort to educate them as to the appropriate conduct and ethics when it comes to conducting business, for their own good, for all our mutual benefits and for the benefit of our market. We are the ones creating it, and therefore we, collectively, have the full responsibility to maintain it, improve it or fix it if it’s broken.

Please write to us and tell us your thoughts, your experiences and suggestions. If you are willing to help or want to collaborate and have ideas on how we can improve our market, please get in touch with us! The regional photography needs you!

Behind-the-scenes for Ralph Lauren

Behind-the-scenes for Ralph Lauren

Behind-the-scenes video of Oliver Marshall Doran and the PS team shooting Purple Reign for Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Shoot – Behind the scenes video from on Vimeo.

Video by Emiliano Arganaraz

Photography Oliver Doran | // Publication La Femme // Publisher: Pin Point Media // Art Direction Stuart Robertson // Hair & Make-up Katie Cousins //  Models: Ralph & Michelle | Lush // Photographed at K-West Bar, Kempinski Palm Jumeirah

See the final images here